Film Produktion und Equipment Verleih

Dienstleistungen rund um Filmproduktionen und Fotoshootings

Teneriffa, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera

Kanaren Film Produktion und Equipment Verleih. Teneriffa, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera

 Professionelles Filmequipment für unabhängige Filmemacher - Fotografie, Film & Fernseh Produktion Dienstleistungsfirma Kameraverleih, Lichttechnik und Tontechnik

  • Equipment will only be rented with at least one of our experienced technicians present on set
  • Crew hours are based on 10 working hours, plus 1 hour meal break
  • Equipment insurance is charged at 8%
  • 5 day rentals can be charged as 3.5 days
  • We are doing are best to keep this list and website updated... if you can't see what you are looking for, please ask!


RED Epic Dragon

1.01 RED Dragon - "A" Camera - Full production package

1.02 RED Dragon - "B" Camera - Lightweight package

1.03 RED Dragon - "A" Camera - Body Only

1.04 RED Dragon - "B" Camera - Mini Mode

1.05 Hotlink and FoolControl Wifi Controler

1.06 Red Dragon - Motion Mount - PL

1.07 Red Dragon - InfraRed Filter Kit

Arri Alexa

1.10 Arri Alexa Mini - Full production package

1.11 Arri Alexa Mini - body only

02 Lenses

PL Mount

2.01 Cooke S4i Mini T2.8 Primes Set

2.02 Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 Primes Set

2.05 Canon 400/800 F2.8/5.6

2.06 Illumina 8mm T1.3 Super 16mm

Canon EF

2.10 Sigma 18-35mm F1.8

2.11 Sigma 50-150mm F2.8

2.12 Canon EF Primes Set

2.13 60mm 2x Macro & Extension Tubes

2.14 Opteka 6.5mm Fisheye

03 Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras

3.01 Panasonic GH4 Production Kit

3.02 Panasonic GH4 Body

3.03 Blackmagic Pocket Production Kit

3.04 Blackmagic Pocket Body Kit

04 Camera Accessories


4.01 DIT Station/DataLab

4.02 Portable Edit/DIT PC

4.03 Macbook Pro 13"

4.04 Ronford Baker F7 Fluid Head & 2 stage legs, 150mm bowl

4.05 Sachtler Studio 65 Fluid Head & 2 stage legs, 150mm bowl

4.06 Cartoni C20s Fluid Head & 2 stage legs, 100mm bowl

4.07 Manfrotto DV 503 Fluid Head & 2 stage legs, 75mm bowl

4.08 Arri Wireless Focus WCU-4, 3 motors

4.09 CineGears Wireless Focus, Single Motor

4.10 Ikan 17" wireless, battery monitor: client/director

4.11 Sony 9" wireless, battery monitor: client/director


05 Grip

5.01 G-F-M Quad Dolly

5.01a Steel track per meter

5.01b Steel Curve, per 45°

5.02 GFM Grip Kit-Skateboard Dolly with colum and seats

5.03 GFM Grip Kit-Skateboard Dolly - flat bed

5.04 Panther Multi Glider

5.05 Panther Multi Mount

5.06 GFM Bazooka

5.07 Panther Mini Jib

5.08 Omni Tracker slider dolly & 3.2m track
5.09 Super Panther III dolly, hi-low rig, accesories
5.10 Jimmy Jib TRIANGLE base + Hot head (dutch roll 120º)

5.11 Panther Foxy Crane (operator platform) 4,7m

06 Lighting

18/12Kw ARRIMAX, spot reflector, dim 50%

9/6 Kw ARRIMAX hi-speed ballast 1000Hz

6 Kw PAR, ARRISUN , lenses, dim 50%

4 Kw PAR, ARRISUN, lenses, dim 50%

2,5 Kw PAR, ARRISUN, lenses, dim 50%

1,2 Kw PAR, ARRISUN, lenses, dim 50%

800w PAR Joker Kit, chimera, softtube

125 Pocket PAR kit, chimera, lantern

12 Kw FF

2,5Kw FF

Chimera Quartz Medium
Chimera Quartz Small
18Kw ARRIMAX HMI per work hour

12Kw ARRIMAX HMI per work hour

6Kw HMI per work hour

4Kw HMI per work hour

2,5 Kw HMI per work hour


1000W Fresnel ARRI STUDIO

650 / 500W Fresnel ARRI

Halogen 2000W (blondie )/ Hedler & chimera

Halogen 1000W (red head)

Photoflood 500w

Par 64

Dedolight Kit 3x150W

Single onboard Dimmer 3Kw


Kino Flo Vista Beam 600, spare tubes

Kino Flo Vista Beam 300, spare tubes

8 Bank system Kino Flo 1,2m Flat Head, spare tubes

4 Bank system Kino Flo 1,2m, spare tubes

4 Bank system Kino Flo 0,6m, spare tubes

2 Bank system Kino Flo 0,6m, spare tubes

Single Kit Kino Flo (2 x 40cm), spare tubes

Kino Flo Celeb 200 kit + 4 Vlock batteries

Bicolor Led 1ftx1ft

On-board led kit inc. 2 sony batteries

Light Control

4 x 4` silver hard/soft reflector or golden h/s

4 x 4` mirror reflector

3 x 3' circular mirror reflector

12 x 12' Buttlerfly frame & standard cloth set

8 x 8' Butterfly frame & cloth set
Filter frame 8 x 4ft
Filter frame 4 x 4ft

Floppy Flag 4 x 4ft

Flag & open ends set, consisting of:

1 48 x 48" (122x122cm) black cloth flag

6 24 x 36" (61x91cm) black cloth

4 18 x 24" (46x61cm) black cloth

2 10 x 42" (25x107cm) black cloth

2 18 x 48" (46x122cm) black cloth

1 24 x 36" (61x91cm) single scrim

1 24 x 36" (61x91cm) double scrim

1 24 x 36" (61x91cm) white single scrim

1 24 x 36" (61x91cm) silk diffuser

1 24 x 36" (61x91cm) metal flag

Stands & Grip

Hi-Hi walker butterfly stand with gobo head

Easy-lift / strato safe stand w/pneumatic wheels

Super wind-up steel stand w/wheels

Triple riser stand

Double riser stand

Low boy / ultra low boy

Heavy duty Baby stand w/lazy leg

1m arm 40' C-Stand

Extensions / offset arm

Extension jib: boom arm

Trilite truss 50mm tube (meter)


Large Gaffer Clamp

Magic arm / "C" clamp

Edison adjustable grip

Appleboxes (4 piece set)

Paganini (Basso block) set (20 pcs)

Scaffolding Alu

1 x 1m Rostrum (platform)

Molton black cloth set

Poly holder

Poly fork

Alu ladder 6m / wooden ladder 3m

Power Distribution

Main distribution box 125A

Main box 63A , 3x amp-meter

Satellite box 32A

Extension lead cable CEE 125A 3ph

Extension lead cable CEE 63A 3ph

Extension lead cable CEE 32A 3ph

63A 220V cable

32A 220V cable

32A tri / schuco adapter

32A/schuco adapter

Schuco 3G2,5 cable roll

Schuco 3G2,5 extension lead

3-way adapter


125Kwa Super silent generator truck

65Kva atenuated generator and transport

6,5Kw atenuated generator

3Kw Honda EU30 silent generator

1000W Honda silent generator

07 Underwater

7.01 Underwater Housing for RED Epic Dragon

7.02 Splash Bag for RED Epic Dragon

08 Multicopters

801 X8 Ultra-Copter 1350 2 man (free DJI Inspire as back-up)

8.02 DJI Inspire-1: 2 man (free DJI Phantom as back-up)
8.02a DJI Inspire-1: 1 man (free DJI Phantom as back-up)

8.03 DJI Phantom-3: 1 man

09 Sound Equipment

10 Crew

Director of Photography

Crew rates based on 10hrs working +1 hour meal break

Overtime charged at 1.5x

Focus Puller

2nd Assistant Camera


Key Grip



Sound Recordist

Sound Assistant/Boom

11 Vehicles

Camera Van: Transit 3.5T shelved

Material Transport Truck 8,5m 12Ton

Material Transport Truck 7,2m 8Ton

Material Transport Van 6m 3,5Ton

Van / Wagon 8 seater Jeep